Abbreviated Pt. II

Three years ago I wrote out a list of meaningful memory triggers summarizing the course of time since the onset of sophomore year. Funny enough, a lot of those memories don’t resonate with me like they once did. The brita filter and broken door memories probably held a lot more meaning at the time, but now they’re more or less just words on a page. Regardless, it still gives me a feel of 2012—the spontaneity, randomness, and gentle chaos. So for the sake of my future-reminiscing-self, here’s the 2015 abbreviation of my life.

November 14th, 2012:
Unicorn party. New friends. Below freezing weather. Hot chocolate. Halloween shopping. Jell-o. Election day. Celebratory apple pie. Brita filter. Smashed pumpkins. Broken door. Improper garbage disposal. Basshead. Movie watching. Spongebob party hats. Spongebob marathons. Spongebob references. Spongebob. Candlesticks. Late night shuttle riding. Planning. Skyping. Waffle fries. Food deliveries. Catch phrase. Tiny Tim. Doorway climbing. OnDemand workouts. Fred Meyer adventures. Temporary house pet (A.K.A. Renee’s dog). House guests. Crown making. B&W silent video game playing. Running into parked cars. Potatoes.

November 15th, 2015:
Graduation. New apartment. Netflix. Messy roommates. Western employment. Timesheets. 3-year anniversary. /r/freebies. Making goals. Everything pumpkin. Trader Joe’s. New phone. President baby. Dayquil. “Ergonomics.” Duffle coat. Packing lunches. Eating out. Co-workers. Morning trail walks. Crockpot soups. Promo codes. Grocery lists. Perler beads. Mall field trips. Hazelnut macchiatos. Space heaters. Cake mix cookies. 5v5s. Broken screen. Washi tape. Seattle. Hydroplaning. Spreadsheets. Daily doodles. Man pies. Dollar store decorations. Warm socks.


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