Rainbow Jell-o Shots

(click here for original recipe)

6 envelopes Knox gelatin
3oz box of red, yellow, and blue jell-o
3 cups water
3 cups vodka
Maraschino cherries w/ stems
Small plastic cups

1.) Pour 1 cup water in saucepan, add 2 envelopes Knox gelatin.
2.) Heat over low heat and stir until gelatin is dissolved.
3.) Remove from heat, add blue jell-o mix. Stir until dissovled.
4.) Add 1 cup vodka.
5.) Distribute evenly into small plastic cups, after cooled to room temperature.
6.) Refrigerate for 45 min-1 hour.
7.) Slice tips off cherries and place in each plastic cup, with stem sticking out.
8.) Repeat steps 1-5 with yellow jell-o mix.
9.) Repeat steps 1-5 with red jell-o mix.
10.) Let sit overnight for best solidity. Serve & enjoy.


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