New Year’s/Snoqualmie Pass

The start of the new year has not been very forgiving. Our anticipated trip to Snoqualmie definitely did not turn out as planned. For starters, one of our friends who was planning on going to the cabin with us ended up not coming because her house in Bellingham got robbed. Continuing on, our departure time got super delayed because Kurt’s car broke down in Onalaska, then naturally Molly’s car completely died when we were 10 minutes (or less) away from the cabin. Luckily Kurt was caravanning with us, so he was able to drive most people to the cabin. Molly and Emma sat in the car for about two hours, while they waited for help. The next morning greeted us with more bad news–our house in Bellingham was also broken into and robbed. Some things that were stolen include: a tv, a gamecube, two guitars, underwear (??), jewelry, and more. Only Renee has seen the house so far, but everyone else is returning tomorrow. But despite all that misfortune, I think we managed to have a pretty satisfactory time. Proof is below:


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