This blog is so outdated, I can’t even begin to summarize what’s been going on. So instead, here’s a list of memory triggers.

Unicorn party. New friends. Below freezing weather. Hot chocolate. Halloween shopping. Jell-o. Election day. Celebratory apple pie. Brita filter. Smashed pumpkins. Broken door. Improper garbage disposal. Basshead. Movie watching. Spongebob party hats. Spongebob marathons. Spongebob references. Spongebob. Candlesticks. Late night shuttle riding. Planning. Skyping. Waffle fries. Food deliveries. Catch phrase. Tiny Tim. Doorway climbing. OnDemand workouts. Fred Meyer adventures. Temporary house pet (A.K.A. Renee’s dog). House guests. Crown making. B&W silent video game playing. Running into parked cars. Potatoes.


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